Drakes Trail is part of National Cycle Network Route 27
For the latest information on the status of all NCN routes, local and national, please use the Sustrans online mapping facility.
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The Dartmoor Partnership

The Dartmoor Partnership

For information on what to do and where to stay on Dartmoor visit:

The dartmoor partnership website promotes many exciting events on the moor including any cycling and walking events organised on Drake's Trail.
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From here you can download a podcast to accompany you on your walk or cycle route to further enhance your enjoyment of the Drake's Trail.

With interesting facts and little known secrets you will have all the information to really understand the area you're passing through.

Check your walking or cycling map and when you reach a certain number, stop for a minute or two and listen to the podcast of the same number.

Route Full Podcast Individual Podcasts
Walking1 - Yelverton to Clearbrook
Walking2 - Meavy to Burrator
Walking3 - Yelverton to Buckland Abbey
Walking4 - Tavistock to Crowndale
Cycle1 - Yelverton to Burrator
Cycle2 - Yelverton to Lopwell and Buckland Abbey
Please note that the podcasts are large files and can take a while to download depending on your internet connection speed. All files are compressed to make sure they are not damaged during the download process.

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