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WSR 3 | Yelverton to Buckland Abbey
Drakes Trail Walking Spur Route
Start Start Eastern edge of RAF Harrowbeer
Duration Duration 2 ½ - 3½ hours
Distance Distance 9 miles / 14.4 kilometres
Surface Surface Mainly firm off-road footpaths and some minor roads. Includes steep
hills and frequent stiles.
Where is the Drake link?

Sir Francis Drake returned from circumnavigating the globe in 1580, aboard his ship the Golden
Hinde. In his capacity as a 'privateer' licensed by Queen Elizabeth I, he plundered great riches from the
Spanish merchant fleet, including gold, silver and jewels that would make him a very rich man.

With the proceeds of his adventures, Drake purchased Buckland Abbey for £3,400 in 1581 and with it a 500 acre estate stretching from the abbey
down to the banks of the River Tavy at Lopwell. He lived at the Abbey until his death off the coast of Panama in 1596. The Abbey is now run by the National Trust and isopen to the public.

Other local information…

This walk starts with a section across the former airfield of RAF Harrowbeer. The second world war
had a large impact on Yelverton, changing the shape of the village and adding thousands of people to the population.

The airfield was built after large parts of Plymouth had been destroyed as a result of countless air raids in early 1941. Some of the rubble from the bombings was brought to Yelverton as a base for the new runways, and also to re-route the A386 to Tavistock.

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Buckland Abbey visitor information:

RAF Harrowbeer history and guided walk info:

Drake’s Trail website for more recreation routes:

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