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WSR 4 | Tavistock to Crowndale
Drakes Trail Walking Spur Route
Start Start Bedford Square, Tavistock
Duration Duration 1 - 1½ hours
Distance Distance 3 miles / 5 kilometres
Grade Grade EASY
Surface Surface Paved surface andfirm footpaths.
Where is the Drake link?

Sir Francis Drake was reputed to be born at Crowndale Farm in around 1540. It is difficult to be exact about this as only deaths were officially
th registered in the mid 16 century.
Young Francis began his seafaring career at the age of 13 and became the owner of his first commercial
vessel at the age of 20.

The farm that you can see at Crowndale now is not the building that Drake would have known. The
original farm was demolished and the stone was carried north to be used in Lewtrenchard.

Other local information…

This walk follows part of the Tavistock canal, theconstruction of which was overseen by civil engineer John Taylor. The canal took 14 years to complete - with labour by French prisoners - and was officially
opened in 1817. The canal played an important role in transporting copper ore 4.5 miles to Morwellham Quay, at the time one of the biggest trading ports in the world.

The town of Tavistock dates back to the building of the Abbey in the 10th century. After five and a half centuries the monastery was dissolved and the town was given to John Russell the first Earl of Bedford. The Earls, and later Dukes of Bedford, owned the majority of all property in the town until 1911, when many of the buildings were sold off.

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Tavistock Town Council for local information:

Drake’s Trail website for more recreation routes:

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